Chironn Services

Injury Rehabilitation Centre

We Listen To Your Story To Help You Recover Better!

Chironn Services

Injury Rehabilitation Centre

We Listen To Your Story To Help You Recover Better!

Our Clinicians

Dr. Jaideep D. Choudhuri

Our clinician Jaideep D. Choudhuri has trained in Sport Injury Management and Rehabilitation in the United Kingdom and Sweden. He has worked with a number of professional sports teams and various prominent athletes in England and India, including the British and the Indian Olympic Teams.

He has a various professional certifications under his belt and keeps himself abreast of the latest developments in the fields of injury rehabilitation sciences and exercise science.

Rudra Maitra

Our Sports Nutritionist, Rudra Maitra has been working with various international and national non profit organisations since 2009 as a consultant, providing skill development and nutritional guidance to women from various walks of life. Many athletes, primarily athletes long distance runners and sprinters, who participate at the national level, volleyball players and tennis players have benefited immensely from her expertise.

Her clientele also includes active lifestyle individuals and individuals who are concerned about their health and well being. Rudra holds a master’s in child care and nutrition along with various professional diplomas in sports nutrition and rainbow nutrition.


Sports Injury Management

Hands-on Rehabilitation Techniques

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At Chironn Services, your injury rehabilitation specialist will listen to your story, examine your problem and explain in simple terms what’s happening to your body


A variety of specialised ‘hands on’ rehabilitation techniques, such as soft tissue and joint mobilisation or manipulation, muscle energy techniques, kinesiology taping, dry needling and exercise prescription are used.

Expert And
Friendly Advice

Depending on your condition, we advise you on posture, ergonomics, lifestyle and specific or generic exercises you can do to take care of yourself at home.


Our approach is holistic in nature and can help repair or manage damage to muscles and joints by assisting the healing process and reducing pain and stiffness in your day to day life.